TONIGHT we will see the true colours of our MP Caroline Ansell.

Last March the government increased the benefit payments for nearly six million people to help families cope with the coronavirus crisis.

It was a positive move and the correct decision.

It’s due to end in April.

This issue will be debated in the House of Commons with a crucial vote tonight.

Eastbourne will be watching how Caroline votes.

It would be wicked if this extra £20 a week was taken away from struggling families at this terrible time.

If Caroline does vote for that £20 to be taken away, she will have to accept the consequences.

There is talk of the Chancellor giving the families a one-off £500 payment instead.

At least 50 Tory MPs are set to defy Boris and say it would be wrong to make the cut.

I think Eastbourne expects Caroline to make that 51.

She was defiant when the Tories voted to cut free school meals for our poorest.

Eastbourne expects her to be defiant again tonight……………….