Children from 2nd Willingdon Beaver Scouts have recently fulfilled their promise to ‘be kind’ by spending over £50 of their own money buying food for Eastbourne Foodbank.

The youngsters from 2nd Willingdon Beaver scouts raised their money by doing chores or raising sponsorship.

Activities included sponsored silences, gardening, making their beds and even one super impressive 10km hike!

Beaver Colony Leader Paula Reed said “Being a Beaver Scout is about exploring who you are and what you stand for.

Where possible we like to show our children that their actions really can make a difference to the community they live in. After Easter we are lucky enough to be visiting the Foodbank, so the children can see first-hand what happens to their donations.”

Eastbourne Foodbank supports over 7,000 of the areas children who live in poverty and the donation from 2nd Willingdon Beaver Scouts will help support children less fortunate than themselves.

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