WILLINGDON Community School was evacuated following a bomb hoax threat today.

Emily Beer, headteacher at Willingdon Community School, said: “We received a hoax bomb threat this morning and followed our emergency evacuation procedures.

“The police arrived promptly and carried out the necessary checks and deemed the site safe to return to.

“We would like to reassure you that our community is safe and have now returned to their classrooms.

“However, we have amended the structure of the school day to build in time with their tutors to ensure they all feel reassured and ready for learning lesson six.

“We also will ensure all students have a lunchtime and opportunity to buy food and use the toilets.

“We ask our parents and carers not to turn up at the school or ring through to our reception to check on their children as our time now is required to return to learning and cooperate with the police.”