THE Eastbourne RNLI Volunteer Crew was paged at noon on Saturday to launch the Inshore Lifeboat and tasked to search for a windsurfer reported to be in difficulty half a mile offshore from the Inshore Lifeboat station.

It was reported that the casualty had been in trouble for at least 45 minutes and was now not visible from shore in the choppy sea conditions.

After launching, the Inshore Lifeboat Crew started to search from the last known position of the casualty.

Volunteer Crew on shore were scanning the area with binoculars.

The Inshore Lifeboat had just started its second leg of the search when the casualty was spotted from the shore through binoculars by Volunteer crew member Tom Mele.

The Inshore Lifeboat was then able to be directed straight to the casualty.

When the Inshore Lifeboat arrived on scene it was discovered the casualty had suffered equipment failure resulting in the casualty needing assistance.

The casualty was recovered safely ashore by the lifeboat and checked out by RNLI paramedic crew member Guy Emery.

The casualty was cold but otherwise well and very grateful for assistance.

This was a very experienced windsurfer with all the right equipment and did the right thing by staying with his board which assisted a successful recovery.

Picture courtesy of Carl Pocock Lifeboat Operations Manager.