A WOMAN is furious after thieves stole her dead husband’s fishing equipment.

Teresa Eaton from Hailsham says the theft has ’caused so much pain and heartache.’

She said: “This is a plea and I will ask no questions.

“All I ask is please can whoever stole my sons’ and deceased husband’s fishing stuff from our shed please return it.

“You don’t realise the heartache you’ve caused/

“It’s not just equitment to my boys it’s their DAD’s belongings.

“They have been through hell for 5 years and we have another eight weeks of serious tough times.

“We really don’t need this and each rod was £140.”

Stolen were four carp rods ,camo reels, a fishing rod bag and tackle boxes.

The theft took place on the Town Farm Estate.

Teresa says she is gutted.