A WOMAN has this afternoon posted her terrifying ordeal which started at Tesco in Hailsham.

It ended in Hellingly after she was followed by five men inside a car.

Here’s her story: “Just a little warning, I was at big Tesco Hailsham pulling out from a space, when a black/blue Volvo estate pulled up behind me.

Five men were inside, dog cage at the back, and the driver had hardly any hair, tanned big build,.

The man was yelling at me that I hit his car and I got out to check and was nowhere close to him.

He then started calling me names , I got back in my car and left and he then followed me all the way to Hellingly pre school.

He overtook me then slammed on his brakes. There were people outside the school and they just drove off.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the reg and was in a bit of a panic tbh.

I’ve reported to police and the car matches the other reports of harassment.

I cant be 100% sure as no reg plate. just throught I’ll warn people in case they it happens to them or you see it happening.”