Words into Wishes book launch took place on Thursday and it surpassed all expectations.

Bibendum made their large room upstairs available with a layout that worked extremely well.

The raffle prizes, many kindly donated by local businesses, were well received.

Chris Downton from Children with Cancer Fund attended and also raised raffle money.

The books almost sold out, with some purchased to be sent to relatives in Canada and California.

Counting up the total raised from sales and raffle the next day revealed the amazing sum of £710!

Chris Downton said that they would now be able to provide for the children trips etc that were wished for but required the funds to make them possible.

The Scribe Tribe are so pleased to do something for such a worthwhile cause.

There are more sales to come and the book shall remain on Amazon with royalties going to the fund. “We want to thank everyone who contributed to making the event such a success including – of course – Bibendum,  Andrew at Planahead for supplying our promotional posters and all those who supported us on the night.”

Link here to Amazon sales page Words into Wishes: an eclectic mix of short stories and flash fiction gathered for the ‘Children with Cancer Fund’: Amazon.co.uk: Tribe, the Scribe: 9798323870493: Books