Eastbourne Climate Coalition and Eastbourne Eco Action Network have launched a Crowd Funder for a Climate Hub in Eastbourne Town Centre.

“We want a safe, welcoming space where everyone can gather to make Eastbourne a more sustainable, resilient community despite climate change.”

“The hub will facilitate some of the following activities: eco events, arts/crafts, talks, workshops, meetings, cinema, library, fundraising projects.

It will be a space to meet and discuss, to inspire, to co-create, to design and innovate, to incubate eco business start-ups, and to understand what a truly sustainable future looks like. It will also be a place where local people in fuel poverty can gain advice about how to save on energy costs and get assistance for retrofits, energy saving equipment, or renewable energy systems.

It will also be a place where local food networks can provide support to those in food poverty through, for example, distributing local organic food donated freely by local growers. The hub will be part of Eastbourne’s transition to a zero-carbon society whereby the town will become greener, cleaner, healthier, safer, and more enjoyable for all. The hub will eventually become self-funded primarily from events, food and drink, and space hire.”

Please support this Crowd Funder if you can. https://avivacommunityfund.co.uk/p/east/

Eastbourne Climate Coaliton and Eastbourne Eco Action Network

https://www.facebook.com/ebclimate https://www.facebook.com/ECOActioneb