ANOTHER picture has been released revealing the risks tourists are taking at the cliff edge at Birling Gap.

The woman is seen stretching across a large crack in the chalk cliffs.

RNLI coxswain Mark Sawyer said: “It does look fine from the top but what [people] can’t see – as we do from the lifeboats – [is] how it’s underpinned.

“They can’t see the erosion underneath them.

“There’s some huge holes underneath the earth and the grass up there.

“There’s no chalk at all.

“It’s a matter of time before those cliffs go.”

He was talking to the BBC last night after the picture emerged.

Coastguards regularly urge people to keep away from the cliff tops and also to stay away from the cliff base in case chalk falls.

It s felt that most locals understand the danger but the same does not apply to tourists, and Birling Gap is always popular when the weather is fine.