Yoku Sushi, a taste sensation from Japan, here in Eastbourne – Japanese dining is back with a vengeance, possibly better than you imagined.

Do you have a craving for sushi? What about other Japanese cuisine? If so, there might be a place nearby that do takeout, but if you want a real, authentic experience that doesnt involve travelling half-way around the world, youll find there is one restaurant in Eastbourne known for serving incredible Japanese food.

The restaurants approach to food and eating is overflowing with attention to detail and unadulterated flavour.

More customers are searching for honest, healthy foods and Japanese cuisine carries these values,” says Tom, manager of Yoku Sushi.

The restaurant is all about a modern interpretation of Japanese flavours. The Yoku Sushi menu is brimming with delectable offerings from spicy Tuna Sashimi, Salmon and Avocado Uramaki, to Spicy Pork Bulgogi and Chicken Teriyaki Don.”

I would heartily recommend the chef’s Signature Dragon Roll, avocado, grilled eel, Tamago and mayonnaise as well as the Korean favourite, Bulogi, marinated meats I ina lettuce wrap and chilli paste.

Tom goes on to say Todays dining public want integrity in their restaurants and the food they eat. The Japanese have always been about perfection and integrity.

I think all restaurant owners and chefs agree, customers have become more discerning over the years and healthy, sustainable and honest food is a must. Diners have also become more aware and conscious of where their food is sourced. Ethical sourcing of food and using locally produced ingredients, wherever possible, is really important, making dishes that people want to eat.

If you are planning a visit, for a special occasion, or a light lunch, Tom and the team will bring you stunning, authentic, dishes that will have you returning for more.

So why not come and experience the most popular hot and cold dishes of Japanese cuisine in Eastbourne.

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