YOU Raise Me Up were delighted to receive the award of Health and Well-Being at the Eastbourne Business Awards.

By Maicie-Jay Pattison

It was such an honour to accept the award and we are incredibly thankful to the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce for their continued support. Without the support of amazing local businesses and organisations it wouldn’t be possible for us to continue to provide our care to those who have lost a young adult between the ages of 16 and 25 with practical, emotional, and financial support. Over the eleven years the charity has been running we have helped thousands of individuals locally. Like other charities You Raise Me Up realise on donations and fundraising it costs us over £6,000 to support a bereaved family for a year

So how can your business help us? Having your business set up regular caproate donations is a brilliant way to meet you’re your corporate social responsibilities and help us to continue to give our vital and much needed services for those in need. The charity will need to raise in excess of £325,000 in 2023 to be able to continue our vital work and grow our services further. All services are provided free of charge to those who need us in the most difficult of circumstances. From our 24-hour crisis helpline, one to one specialist counselling to our monthly support groups and support centre, described as “the hub of the community”, where we support the wider community with their Health and Well-Being

We do not receive any Government funding and we can only do what we do, with what the kindness and generosity of other provides for us. We appreciate every cooperate donation immensely.

We at You Raise Me Up would like to thank everyone who has supported us to get this far and for your continued care. For more information.

For more information, please email