AN ASDA shopper has criticised staff at ASDA in Hailsham.

Andrew Cripps said: “Am I right to expect that staff in a supermarket follow the guidance regarding wearing facemasks correctly?

For the third time running over the last 2 weeks i have witnessed Adsa Hailsham staff wearing masks incorrectly. By this i mean covering mouth only.

Most do it right – but are being let down by a few others on the shop floor. (today it was 3 staff members I noticed)

I was surprised and disappointed today to find one of the culprits was the duty manager. I was going to communicate my concerns directly with the store management but decided there was little point.

I don’t work in the NHS – if i did i think I’d be even more annoyed and disappointed.

“Don’t think I’ll be shopping in Asda Hailsham anytime soon – can i assume Waitose and Tesco in the town are taking the threat more seriously?”

The supermarket chain has always said it will continue to update Covid policy based on government advice.