THIS AMAZING schoolboy has launched his own business delivering treats to other children during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Kayden Frampton from Eastbourne decided to set up an online shop for sweets and toys after he was having to queue up for long periods at supermarkets and some shops closed during lockdown.

He decided to create his own business inspired by mum Claire who runs a social enterprise called Reloved Eastbourne.

He now has a website for Kayden’s Treats which has 500 products available.

He said: “I noticed that our shops had closed where I used to buy my toys from and it was really dangerous because of coronavirus to keep going to the shops after school to get my sweets when I had finished + it took ages to line up to get them and it left me with no playtime before my dinner time just to get my treats after school.

“I mean before coronavirus Mum use to let me go in the shops by myself sometimes  while she waited outside,

“To make me feel more like an adult but now she worries that I may get too close to somebody and I might get coronavirus.

“So I have decided with my family to create my own business where I can still give kids the chance to get those reward treats or pocket money toys.

“You can also use stuff I have in the shop for Christmas presents or for birthdays.

“One of my friends couldn’t have a birthday party with party bags like he used to have because of the prime minster’s new rules, so he bought some toys from me instead and sent them to the people who would have normally come to his party in the post.

“It was like a party bag surprise in the post and he had party games like craft ones that his dad found for them on the internet to all to do together over a video chat so he still got to have a party.

“It was amazing to know and see that my toys and sweets that I was selling was making other kids happy and giving them more treats for there pocket money than the local shops with there high prices.  

“Now I have finally found a way where I can try to become a business person like my Mum and Dad and make money for my own New Toys ( That Mummy and Daddy tell me is to expensive to buy ).

“Please if you have kids that also have these problems like I and my friends have had, or you could help me by visiting my shop or social media like and share and buy some toys it would be amazing.

 “You can get toys and sweets and party supplies through click and collect or delivery where I will post you the items you would like to buy. I hope you have fun on my website and like my lockdown business creation.

“I have recently been going from door to door and local parks in Eastbourne to sell my toys and sweets to help raise funds to establish my little business further by printing leaflets and being able to buy different things to sell to make a profit.

“I really want to be a business person like my mum and dad and would love the chance to do this more than I am already.

“But I am in need of a few things to help me on my way which simply I can’t afford to pay for without some help. I have been using an old Asda wheelie trolley to store my toys and sweets in when going from door to door and I also only have old Tupper wear tubs to divide my differently priced items into.

“I would love to be able to buy a trolley and a proper ID card and T- shirts and jumpers with my brand on to help people know who I am and where I work for.”

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