A Hampden Park cafe is offering 50 per cent off to NHS staff and police.

Mandy’s Kitchen – Cafe is at The Hydneye on the roundabout.

She said: “On the one hand, I am frightened of Covid entering my cafe and me carting it off home to pass onto Tony, therefore should I close the cafe…..and on the other hand, feeling that I should remain open for the very few customers that still like to come in for the odd bacon buttie!

I sit here for the most part waving to the odd person that walks by and wondering what I am doing here.

There is only so much cleaning, painting and tweaking that one can do! I cannot really afford to close my doors, but can I afford not to!!

Then I thought, if I was doing something more worthwhile to help others, it would help with my indecision.

So, I have done the maths and decided that for a couple of weeks, I would be able to offer a 50% discount to key workers, ie NHS workers and Police.

This way, they still get to eat ( on the hoof if necessary) and I get some company!

So…. From Monday 11th Jan and until the end of Jan I can offer this service. It’ s better than nothing right?