Fans of crime fiction are in for a treat with Sheila Bugler’s second novel in a series featuring captivating journalist Dee Doran.

When the murdered body of Lauren Shaw is discovered on the altar of St Mary the Virgin it horrifies the local community. Especially those who remember another woman whose slain corpse was placed in the same spot 60 years ago. Local journalist Dee Doran is intrigued and despite the advice of the police, she is determined to find out what connects the two women. But as she starts asking questions, Dee finds the answers all point to the same conclusion – someone is keeping secrets and they will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Born in Ireland

Originally from Ireland, Sheila, lived in lots of different places, before finally settling in Eastbourne in 2013.

“I moved here, with my family, after spending many years in London.

“Having grown up by the sea, I was desperate to escape the city. This was partly for my children – I wanted them to experience the freedom I’d had as a child, something I couldn’t see them having in London. But it was partly for myself too. I wanted to live closer to nature, and the coast. I wanted to be able spend my summers on the beach, and my winters tramping across open countryside.

Beautiful Downs

“Moving here was the best thing we ever did as a family. In 10 minutes, I can be at the top of the south downs. Wherever I go, I’m surrounded by beautiful coast and countryside.”

Eastbourne has provided a fabulously evocative setting for her latest book and locals will enjoy the nod to local venues like The Lamb, Nelsons café and The Hydro Hotel.

Perfect Location

Sheila is not the only person who thinks Eastbourne is a great location for crime, either.

Local author Cole Moreton’s latest novel, The Lightkeeper, is set in and around Belle Tout lighthouse. And the recent ITV series Flesh and Blood is set in Eastbourne too. In fact, the family’s home is on the same stretch of beach where the protagonist, Dee Doran, lives.

This is a totally absorbing thriller, that will delight locals with some familiar locations.

When the Dead Speak is available to order online as a paperback or as an e-book.