AS we come out of Lockdown, a new hotel will be opening on Eastbourne seafront.

And it is aiming to be a quality hotel, giving our economy a much needed boost.

But some locals are not happy with its look.

We are talking about Port Hotels, at 11-12 Royal Parade.

Here’s Pamela Rothery: “What about the black painted Hotel along our Eastbourne seafront?

I’m absolutely horrified that the Eastbourne Council has allowed such a shocking colour among all the white painted hotels?

“How on earth was such an eyesore given permission to go ahead, even the balcony’s BLACK?”

Sue Lockhart says: ” I have myself been in contact with Lewes District Council/Eastbourne Borough Council regarding this.

I received a letter on 2nd February informing me that the council had investigated the alleged breach of planning control and will not be taking any further action because planning approval had been granted (Ref: 190641) on 8th October 2019.

I will not go into details, but I expressed my astonishment of this in no uncertain terms.

How can they have no regard for the beautiful architecture that is hidden beneath that BLACK exterior?”

Resident Steve Knott posted it looks ‘hideous.’

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has told Sue to contact local councillors and has passed concerns on to the planning department.

I’ve just emailed Jim Murray, who chairs the planning committe for a comment.

Port is a new hotel “challenger” brand, focused on UK coastal towns.

Its first hotel, on the seafront in Eastbourne, is currently undergoing refurbishment.

It was due to open in the winter but that has been delayed with lockdown.

Hopefully manager Luke will join this debate as well.