THE 17 extra new neighbourhood policing sergeants are making a positive impact on local communities, tackling the issues that concern them most.

Each is providing additional leadership for our local frontline neighbourhood teams, which have been boosted in size by an extra 100 PCSOs in the last 18 months.

Sussex Police Local Policing lead, Assistant Chief Constable Jayne Dando said: “I am delighted that the planned uplift of a total 18 neighbourhood policing sergeants is close to completion, allowing us to further strengthen our local policing teams, following the uplift in PCSOs.

“An extra six neighbourhood policing sergeants are now established in East Sussex; nine in West Sussex, while in Brighton and Hove two have recently taken up their new roles in neighbourhood teams, with a third set to follow.

“This investment of the 2020 council-tax precept is enabling our sergeants to cover smaller geographic areas, which means their teams can integrate more closely with local communities, tackling the problems that really matter to them. It’s also allowing sergeants to be more proactive, taking on operations and activity targeting issues, such as knife crime, youth-related violence and drug-related crime, resulting in more arrests and seizures.

“Communities are already telling us they feel safer, with reduced anti-social behaviour and disorder, reported in key areas where new sergeants have targeted activity. I feel confident that, as the newer sergeants are established, more communities will experience this closer engagement and support.”

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne commented: “I have listened intently to public feedback on local policing and Chief Constable Shiner shares in the determination to bolster neighbourhood policing and provide the visibility residents have asked for.

“I’m so pleased that last year’s precept has funded additional leadership for these teams so that officers will be given clear direction to tackle local issues, using vital community intelligence.

“This further strengthening of our frontline I’m sure is welcome news to all residents and it’s impressive the positive impact that they have made in such a short space of time.”