Full Fibre network operator and ISP Lightning Fibre Limited has confirmed a multi-million pound project to bring its new full fibre network to over 14,000 additional homes and businesses in Heathfield and Hailsham. The company has confirmed that works have already begun in both towns.

Work is already underway in Eastbourne and Hastings, and Lightning Fibre have now started construction in Heathfield and Hailsham. The firm is ‘building a future proofed cutting-edge full fibre broadband network and provides a quality service with the added bonus of doing so with a community-centric approach.’

Ben Ferriman, Lightning Fibre CEO, commented, “We understand that poor connectivity really frustrates people in Heathfield and Hailsham, so we’ve decided to level up both towns by extending our brand new, dedicated fibre optic network to give these communities the connectivity they deserve.”

Research shows that once an area has a full fibre 1Gbps network, property prices and local economies are positively impacted. Lightning Fibre is building high quality networks across East Sussex, creating quality local jobs and delivering a high-quality service at an affordable and competitive price.

“This is great news,” said Councillor Roy Galley, Wealden Cabinet member for economic development. “Rural areas have been held back by low broadband speeds. This fibre network investment should really speed things up – for local businesses, for everyone involved in learning whatever their age, and for our social lives.

“The past year has shown us how important good internet connections are for everything we do. I am very glad to see that a local firm, using local employees, will be carrying out the work.”

Full fibre optic networks are not just the fastest, they are also the greenest – a full fibre network creates 88% less greenhouse gas per 1Gb compared to other broadband technologies. Residents and businesses are invited to register online for specific updates in their area as the company undertakes extensive construction works across both towns.

Ben Ferriman, Lightning Fibre’s CEO is based in Eastbourne and struggled to find decent broadband for both his work and family; so, he put together a strong management team, secured funding and began installation.

Founded in 2018, Lightning Fibre is a local altnet broadband provider. The business is a network operator and ISP, meaning that we lay the fibre network and sell it directly to business and residential consumers. The full fibre network can deliver symmetric 10Gbps speeds for all and is fully future proofed. This means that better upload and download speeds and reliability can be guaranteed.

Residential customers who join the service pay from £29 per month for an unlimited symmetric speed 100Mbps package on a 24-month contract term (plus £100 one-off for the setup), which comes with a 10Gbps capable “modem” and Mesh WiFi system. https://www.lightningfibre.co.uk/about

Photo: Hailsham Ponds. Ben Ferriman (CEO), Mark Hutchings, Paul Thornton, Dean Robinson, Rob Reaks and Rob De Gouveia.