CAROLINE Ansell voted AGAINST her own Tory government two weeks on the issue of free school meals.

She voted with Labour saying free school meals for the needy were vital during school holidays.

Some of us wondered whether she may have done the same again last week on the issue of Lockdown 2.

On the Monday she said a second Lockdown would be ‘economically catastrophic’ and she added: “I have been told that Eastbourne and Willingdon remains an area of low infections.”

Two days later she voted WITH Boris.

This time she said: “I have also been told this week that infection rates in Eastbourne have risen quite dramatically. Just a few weeks ago, it was around 20 per 100,000 people but now it is more than 100 infections per 100,000 with evidence of community transmission occurring too.”

So was this the right reasoning?

Well, look at what East Sussex director of public health Darrell Gale said this week.

He told councillors that rates of coronavirus infections had been falling prior to the second national lockdown.  

He said East Sussex has the lowest Covid infection rate in England.

He also said that only three patients are currently being treated in intensive care for Covid across the whole of East Sussex as well as Brighton and Hove.

So was Caroline right?