WEST Rise Infants School in Langney needs 13 laptops.

Here’s the Co-Chair of Governors Nicole Hartley,: “As an Infant school we are not eligible for the Government funded scheme which is aimed at children in Year 3 and above.

These additional laptops would provide access or shared access to remote learning, including Zoom calls with teachers and class mates, recorded lessons and access to our online learning platform Purple Mash.

“I’ve liaised with the school and they would need the laptops to be ready to go as their tech team are limiting the site calls they are making, which may make a difference to the donations we receive.

And, of course, a permanent donation would be preferable otherwise the school will fall into the question of liability should a laptop be damaged whilst on loan.”

If you can help please email Nicole direct on: nhartley@westriseinf.e-sussex.sch.uk